Body’s Battles by Bal Phondke

By Bal Phondke

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That alerts the Tw cells which see this part of the foreign flag alongside the host's own flag. The guided missiles of antibodies are not much effective against such hidden adversaries. The body, therefore, sends out tank-borne professional commandos of Tc-cells on the trail of these enemy hideouts. These troops of cytotoxic T-cells kill the enemy by crashing on to their BODY'S BATILES 011'» ~ --' Attachment JI Introduction of tliral genetic matter inro host cell Host cell genetic matter lost copies of viral genetic matter made Hast cell swarming with virus Lysis of hast cell wall and releaseof tlirus ARMS AND AMMUNITION 27 dens.

Not all defeats are caused by shortage of trained soldiers; nor is a handicapped army the reason. There are situations when a fully functional, adequately manned immune army goes crazy. It loses its sense of propriety. It fails to distinguish friend from foe, self from non-self. As a result, it starts attacking the very territory it has to defend and this leads to autoimmune diseases. A number of such afflictions have now been identified. Hashimoto's thyroiditis which affectsthe functioning of the thyroid, Goodpasture's syndrome that affects the kidneys, phacogeneic uveitis affecting the lens of the eye, haemolytic anemia causing lysis of red blood cells, myasthenia Failure of both the gravis which hampers the functioning cellular and humoral of skeletal or even heart muscles and defense systems leads rheumatoid arthritis are a few examples to combined imof autoimmune disease.

The worst situation is when the enemy lies within making it difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. The body's defence forces too encounter such tragic situations. In 1980,the extremely sad saga of an American boy David, then hardly six years old was brought to light by the mass media. his own. He did not, or rather could not, breathe the air around him. He had not experienced the CRUSHING DEFEATS 49 Poor David lived for twelve years in this sterile unit fragrance of flowers or the mouth-watering aroma of food.

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