Bob Servant: Hero Of Dundee by Neil Forsyth

By Neil Forsyth

In Delete This at Your Peril, Neil Forsyth brought the fictitious personality Bob Servant to the united kingdom and North the USA and his construction quick won a critically-led cult following. Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh picked Delete This at Your Peril for Esquire's Funniest Books Ever Written and either the ebook and the Bob Servant personality are being constructed for tv and radio through the BBC. Sixty-four-years-old and resolutely unmarried, Servant spends his days with a small variety of depended on affiliates pursuing not going enterprise possibilities, giving stern perspectives on present affairs and 'chasing skirt'. His outlook on lifestyles is one in every of unbridled ambition and self-belief as he always battles the neighborhood 'boo boys' for the honour that he definitely merits. Bob Servant: Hero of Dundee charts the hilarious, whimsical and action-packed life-story of Bob Servant, unveiling with touching bravery, a fearless romp via a existence jam-packed with incident, from his upward thrust from a youth of abject poverty, via a profession within the service provider army, his institution of the biggest window-cleaning around in Western Europe and his half in Dundee's notorious Cheeseburger Wars of the early Nineties, to his present status as an 'unemployed gigolo' in Broughty Ferry.

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