Biotech's Dictionary of Horticulture by Dinesh Arora

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Carboy a large and heavy glass vessel, originally designed for the storage of chemicals but now commonly used as a container for bottle gardens. carcinogen substance which causes the initiation of tumour formation. Frequently a mutagen. carbon dioxide, CO2 a colourless, odourless gas found in the air. It is absorbed by plants and exhaled by animals. cardia in nematodes: valvular apparatus connecting the oesophagus and intestine. Sometimes called the cardiac valve or oesophago-intestinal valve. Horticulture carding carrying capacity 48 carding the process of untangling and partially straightening fibres by passing them between two closely spaced surfaces, at least one of which is covered with sharp points, that move at different speeds, thus converting a tangled mass of fibres to a filmy web.

Horticulture bran browning 41 bran pericarp of grain. branch crown plant tissue that is the junction of the roots and stem that forms on the side of a strawberry plant. These only form foliage. break production of a side shoot after removal of the growing point. breaking load the maximum force applied to a structure in a tensile test carried to rupture. broad spectrum pesticides that affect a wide variety of pests. broom in plant pathology: a symptom in which lateral branches proliferate in a dense cluster on the main branch (witches’-broom).

Endive is grown this way). blastic one of two basic kinds of conidiogenesis. There is a marked enlargement of a recognisable conidium before it is delimited by a septum. blasting a symptom of plant disease characterised by shedding of unopened buds, classically, the failure to produce fruit or seed blastoconidium see blastospore. blastomyces human pathogen. The fungus is commonly found in soil. It is a dimorphic fungus which has filamentous fungus when grown at 25 degrees C and a yeast form at 37 degrees C.

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