Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Library in a Book) by Lisa Yount

By Lisa Yount

Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering joins others within the publisher's 'Library in a ebook' reference and merits ongoing point out as a very good single-volume easy creation to biotechnology for readers on the highschool point on up. From cloning to DNA mapping and criminal ramifications of study, this packs in very important background, moral and ethical discussions, and lots of bibliographic references for extra examine.

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This was said to be the first case in which a federal appeals court recognized a constitutional right to genetic privacy. National DNA databases such as the ones established in 1992 by the Department of Defense and in 1998 by the FBI have also been seen as threats to genetic privacy. In April 1996, John C. S. Marines with exemplary military records, were convicted in a court-martial of disobeying a direct order because they refused to give blood for storage in the Department of Defense database.

They and several other commentators say that, instead of being judged by the numbers of matches with crime scene samples or “investigations aided,” the databases should be rated on the number of cases solved. Rothstein and Talbott report that in one study in Virginia, DNA matches resulted in convictions in less than 30 percent of cases. Other critics say that expanded databases, because they would increasingly include people not convicted of major (or, indeed, any) crimes, would be a waste of law enforcement resources and might result in an increased number of wrongful convictions from laboratory errors.

Greely, a professor of law and genetics at Stanford University, said that few verified examples of genetic discrimination in insurance had appeared, quite possibly at least partly because genetic heritage is only one factor in causing most common diseases, and present-day genetic tests cannot accurately forecast who will develop these conditions. Greely thought discrimination was more likely to occur in employment than in insurance. 27 By 2005, all but three states had passed laws that limited genetic discrimination in health insurance to some degree, and more than 30 states had banned or limited genetic discrimination in employment.

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