Beekeeping In The Tropics by P. Segeren

By P. Segeren

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The use of foundation sheets promotes the construction of a regular comb, provided they are made of pure beeswax and the right cell size is pressed. Cell sizes of various bee races are listed in Appendix 1. Furthermore, the bees need to use less energy to produce wax, which is very advantageous for honey production. Foundation sheets can be ordered from beekeeping cooperatives or from the Department of Apiculture of the Ministry of Agriculture or Forestry. Foundation sheets are commonly used in frame and hive beekeeping, but are not strictly necessary.

Make sure, however, that the bees cannot reach the sugar solution from the outside. The advantage of this method of feeding is that the hive does not have to be opened at all. Figure 22: Positioning the feeder. Figure 23: Feeder which is inserted in the flight entrance. The first season 53 ? Make sure that there are no openings through which bees, wasps, ants etc. can enter to steal the sugar. You can prevent robbing by making the flight entrance smaller. Never prepare more sugar solution than the bees can take up in a few days.

52 Beekeeping in the tropics Feeding is done with a feeder (figure 22). You can use a large jam jar or a small plastic bucket for this. Make a large number of 1 mm holes in the lid. Use a nail to knock holes in the metal lid of a jam jar. Make an opening a little smaller than the feeder in the inner cover of the hive. Place the feeder with its perforated lid upside down over the opening in the inner cover. On top of this place an empty brood chamber or honey super and put the outer cover of the hive on top of this.

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