Barcraft: Bar and Alcoholic Beverage Service by Keith Hearn, Jennifer Murray

By Keith Hearn, Jennifer Murray

This ebook and the 2 accompanying movies provide directions for working any institution that sells drink. The emphasis is at the universal ideas on how and why initiatives are performed within the bar and it really is noticeable how radical the alterations were within the previous few years. There are chapters at the criminal point of marketing and serving alcohol, health and wellbeing, hygiene and safeguard and the way to avoid violence.

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Customers tell the barstaff what they would like, and their order is passed through to the kitchen. When the food is ready, the customers are asked to collect it from the bar counter or the food is taken to them--often by food serving staff. Some pubs have a separate restaurant or set the tables in an area of the bar with placemats or tablecloths, cutlery, napkins, etc. The customers may still have to collect their own food from a counter or it will be brought to their table by food serving staff.

4. Away from the table, or on a trolley in front of the customers, place a candle or other light source so that you can see the sediment lying in the bottle all the time you are pouring (see step 6 ). 5. Carefully open the bottle while it is still in its cradle (see previous unit). 6. Pour the wine steadily into the decanter. Stop pouring only when the sediment reaches the shoulder of the bottle.

Decorate with a slice of lime and serve with straws. Dry martini See Martini Fizzes These use the same basic ingredients as a Collins but are shaken. See Gin fi zz, Golden fi zz, Royal fizz and Silver fizz . Frappe Drinks served in a glass filled with crushed ice. See Cointreau frappe and Creme de menthe frapp e. Gin fizz Put 1 measure London dry gin, juice of 1 lemon and 1 teaspoon gomme into a shaker. Shake. Top up with soda water and decorate with a slice of lemon. Serve with straws. Gin sour See Sours Golden fizz Follow the recipe for Gin fizz, but add the equivalent of I egg yolk to the shaker with the other ingredients.

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