Aunts Aren't Gentlemen (Jeeves, Book 15) by P. G. Wodehouse

By P. G. Wodehouse

Bertie Wooster has been overdoing metropolitan existence a section, and the health care provider orders clean air within the depths of the rustic. yet after relocating with Jeeves to his cottage at Maiden Eggesford, Bertie quickly unearths himself surrounded through aunts - not just his redoubtable Aunt Dahlia yet an aunt of Jeeves's too. upload a hyper-sensitive racehorse, an important cat and a decidedly bossy fiancée - and the entire components are current for a plot during which aunts can exert their bad authority. yet Jeeves, after all, can do something about every thing - even aunts, or even the rustic. the ultimate Jeeves and Wooster novel exhibits P.G. Wodehouse nonetheless capable of pride, good into his nineties.

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