Armies of the Ancient Near East, 3000 B. C. To 539 B. C. : by Nigel; Tallis, Nigel Stillman

By Nigel; Tallis, Nigel Stillman

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Lukka - situated along the southern coast of Anatolia. Kiuuwatna - located in South-Easl Anatolia (Cilicia) providing maryanlla. Kedy - located north of Syria. Mushanet - location unknown. lnesa - locat ion unknown. lnenes - location unknown. Carchemish - located on the Euphrates in Syria. Ugaril - located on the Syrian coaSt. Nukhashshe - located in Northern Syria. Khaleb - Aleppo (modern Arabic ' Halb') in Syria. Kadesh - the land of Kinza, on the Orontes. T he dose-order spearmen, called 'fighting ruhuytnl', formed two large formations of 18,000 and 19,000 men.

They gradually began to assimilate Canaanite culture: lind methods of warfare. Their allempts to exen aUlhority over most of Canaan natu rally brought them inlO confliC! wi th the Hebrews. The Philistines seem to have adopted chariotry on the Canaanite model; at Mount Gilboa the Israelitcs were shot down by arrow! from the pursuing Philistines. For campaigns into enemy turitory the prin~ mustered their forccs at Aphek. Advance posilions might be set up from which the surrounding area could be ravaged.

Household penon· nel, scribes, cooks and donkey drivers. 360 Gumya troops 440 IIU'aya Iroops This is stated to be only pan of the forcu of the province, the rest being still to arrive. MobiliutioD The insti tution of the kuir snaJ'Tllti meant that the king did not have to awai t full mobilisation of tbe sab snam before C1)mnlencing a campaign. Esarhaddon records an occasion whe n he did not waste time with any ofthe nonnal p reparations for a campaign but wenl fonh in the cold winter month of Shabal.

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