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S. 00. crassipes plants. crassipes,of the ratio of evapotranspiration to evaporation during March in Florida. Plants were grown in four fertilized growth pools until the leaves had reached a length of 75 cm. The loss of water from the latter was found to be comparable to values obtained for free water evaporation from Class A aluminium pans. 7 parts water lost by evapotranspiration to one part lost by a free water surface. Treatment of the E. crassipes with the herbicide,2,4-D, reduced water losses from the dishes containing the plants.

Crassipes with the herbicide,2,4-D, reduced water losses from the dishes containing the plants. Guscio et al. 65km3 (25 x lo6 acre ft). They also reported that Typha spp. use 21 1 to 254 cm (83 to 100 in) of water every year. This compares with evaporation rates of 127 to 190 cm (50 to 75 in) from open water surfaces. 5 m and Haslam (1970b) has noted that dense stands of this species in East Anglia (England), lose more water through evapotranspiration than is supplied by rain. She reports that Phragmites have been used to aid the draining of ponds in the Netherlands.

9 FOOD SOURCE Herbivorous fishes,such as Tilapia rendalli and Ctenopharyngodon idella, will feed on aquatic plants. g. g. g. Typha,Glyceria) are also eaten (Sculthorpe, 1967;Blackburn, Sutton & Taylor, 1971). In regard to the large algae, intact cellulose walls are not digested,thus,Oedogonium, where the cell caps break open easily,is more digestible than the stronger filaments of Spirogyra (Prowse, 1964). As indicated earlier, the periphyton growing on the surface of macrophytes is also quite important as fish food.

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