Analytic sets. London school 1978 by Rogers

By Rogers

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Evidence for a separate sensor pigment besides phytochrome. Planta 160:21-24 Gabrys H, Walczak T, Haupt W (1985) Interaction between phytochrome and the blue light photoreceptor system in Mougeotia. Photochem PhotobioI42:731-734 Gabrys-Mizerza H (1976) Model considerations of the light conditions in noncylindrical plant cells. Photochem Photo bioi 24:453-461 Gartner R (1970) Die Bewegung des Mesotaenium-Chloroplasten im Starklichtbereich. II. Aktionsdichroismus und Wechselwirkungen des Photo receptors mit Phytochrom.

Plant Cell Environ 20:768-772 Brunner K, Wagner G (1996) Cryptochrome of the green alga Mougeotia scalaris: a member of the HY4/photolyase-family. In: Senger H (ed) The blue light syndrome III. Phillips-Universitat, Marburg, Book of Abstracts, p 43 Buder J (1918) Die Inversion des Phototropism us bei Phycomyces. Ber Dtsch Bot Ges 36:104-105 Cashmore AR (1997) The cryptochrome family of photoreceptors. Plant Cell Environ 20:764-767 Dreyer EM, Weisenseel MH (1979) Phytochrome-mediated uptake of calcium in Mougeotia cells.

Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York, pp 150-169 Senn G (1908) Die Gestalts- und Lageveranderung der Pflanzen-Chromatophoren. Engelmann, Leipzig Senn G (1919) Weitere Untersuchungen tiber Gestalts- und Lageveranderung der Chromatophoren. IV und V. Z Bot 11:81-141 Serlin BS, Ferrell S (1989) The involvement of microtubules in chloroplast rotation in the alga Mougeotia. Plant Sci 60: 1-8 Serlin BS, Roux SJ (1984) Modulation of chloroplast movement in the green alga Mougeotia by the Ca2 • ionophere, A23187, and by calmodulin antagonists.

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