An Extension of the Theorem That No Countable Point Set Is by Moore R. L.

By Moore R. L.

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AFM of Polyglutamine 33 This filter design takes advantage of the fact that most of the information about the deflection trajectory is contained in the higher harmonics [30–32]. , by taking its Fourier transform and inverting it while selectively retaining only the intensities at integer harmonic frequencies. Sliding this filter is necessary to not average out changes in local forces during the filtering process (see Note 6). 4. Once a deflection signal is appropriately filtered, the second derivative of the signal can be taken to acquire the tip acceleration.

Burke and Justin Legleiter highest harmonic still distinguishable above the noise level, which is typically 20–25. To retain spatially resolved changes in the tip/sample force, the filter is typically applied to a five-cycle window. This window is then moved one cycle at a time. 7. To determine the effective mass of the cantilever, meff, the thermal tune method can be employed. This method obtains the spring constant, k, and resonance frequency (in Hz), fres, which are related to meff by the equation: f res = 1 k .

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