Alien Technology: Coping with Modern Mysteries by Ananda Mitra

By Ananda Mitra

This ebook explores the results of technological alienation on participants and groups within the glossy time. This publication explores advanced applied sciences, offers methods of picking out the degrees of alienation and indicates treatments for overcoming the alienation and turning into larger and empowered clients of expertise. The booklet deals alienation scales in questionnaires on the finish of each bankruptcy facing know-how alienation which might serve very convenient for the readers. Replete with examples and written in lucid language, its funny, tongue-in-cheek kind will interact the reader.

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This is where the relations between obsolescence and alienation became acutely clear and part of Microsoft’s response was to generate the sense of a “new” tool by combining different functionalities in the tool. ”14 While this was mainly a response to the threat of losing market share to competing browsers, these strategies illustrate how the law of technological alienation needs to be kept in sight when new products are brought to the market. ”. ” before the product was available to the user. Indeed it is important to note that there was an intrinsic recognition of the challenges posed by the first law of technological alienation and that challenge was faced head-on in the advertising campaign.

Eventually, the V-chip technology never proved to be a great success. Rather, the media industry decided to rate its programs so that parents would know which programs are more likely to be offensive to children. Often when new tasks are introduced and new tools are available to do the new everyday jobs, the users find themselves not only having to overcome the first level of alienation related to the new tools but also finding that the knowledge that was obtained about the use of the earlier tools to be redundant since the tool itself has become obsolete.

Conditions such as this can produce the first level of alienation because the users were unsure of the specific things some parts of the tool would perform. Doing away with the conventional keyboard and replacing the act of typing to writing on the screen was an unusual enough task that could produce alienation. The alienation that, however, follows the introduction of new tasks and the related tools is not restricted to the “average” user only. For instance, in a review of a newer version of the Palm Pilot introduced in 2000, a writer for a technological magazine said the following: I had been wondering why 3Com was cluttering its Palm line with so many different models and this one just didn’t make sense to me: the IIIe was already out and seemed targeted for the low-end, so why bother with a Special Edition?

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