Ajs Review, 1984 No 2 by Robert Chancan

By Robert Chancan

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1, 4, 408b, 18-25; III, 4, 429a, 15-429b, 5. 6. Alexander, De anima (in Scripta Minora, II, pt. 1, ed. I. Bruns [Berlin, 1887]), p. 84. 7. Aristotle, De anima III, 4, 430a, 1. 8. Alexander, De anima, pp. 84-85. 9. Themistius, De anima (in Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca, V, pt. 3, ed. R. Heinze [Berlin, 1899]), p. 105. 10. See below, n. 15, and Averroes, CommentariumMagnum in Aristotelis De Anima Libros, ed. F. Crawford (Cambridge, 1953), p. 389. In the earlystagesof his thoughthe acceptedthe positionsof Ibn Bijja and Alexander,subsequently he discovereda compromisebe- tween theirpositionsand Themistius',and ultimatelyhe embracedThemistius' position.

26. Commentaryon the De Intellectu (Leyden, Warner MS 6), pp. 122a-b. The text will be published in the issue of Mehqare Yerushalayimbe-Mabshebet Yisra'el dedicated to S. Pines. 27. The date 1159 has been assigned to the Epitome or to a copy of it, and 1181 has been assigned to the Middle Commentary. See Ahwani's introduction to TalkhrsK. al-Nafs, p. 6; M. Steinschneider, Die hebraeischen Uebersetzungen(Berlin, 1893), p. 148. 180 HERBERT A. Thereremainsthe passageinsertedinto the MiddleDe animawhich of thepositionsof Alexander and a "combination" proposesa compromise, afterthe LongCommentary Themistius.

87-90. 87. Hirschowitz, Beit Avraham,pp. 34-35, 40-41. Reinowitz refused, however, to go along with Hirschowitz's edict that his congregants were not to pray with, or answer Amen to, those Jews who disagreed with him (Hirschowitz). Even though Reinowitz agreed with Hirschowitz's opinion on tal u-malar, he objected to such a drastic step. After all, Reinowitz wrote, one is allowed to,pray with and answer Amen to much worse sinners. Spektor's responsum is quoted in Hezekiah Shabbetai, Divrei Yebezqiyahu,p.

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