Agricultural Policy & Trade: Adjusting Domestic Programs in by D. Gale Johnson

By D. Gale Johnson

Publication through Johnson, D. Gale, Hemmi, Kenzo, Lardinois, Pierre

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Crowe, S. (1956) Tomorrows Landscape, London: Architectural Press. Crowe, S. (1981) Garden Design, Chichester: Packard. Daniels, S. (1987) ‘Marxism, culture and the duplicity of landscape’, in R. Peet and N. Thrift (eds), New Models in Geography, vol. II, London: Unwin Hyman. Daniels, S. (1991) ‘The making of Constable country 1880–1940’, Landscape Research 16, 2: 9–17. , Cosgrove, D. (1988) The Iconography of Landscape, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. , Duncan, N. (1988) ‘Re(reading) the landscape’, Environment and Planning D 6: 117–26.

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We know its etymological derivation: originally the Old English noun land to which was added the suffix scape, ‘landscape’ became an abstract noun. 1 In his remarkable essay The Beholding Eye, D. W. 2 He crystallises how the landscape is freighted with competing views: 25 John Hopkins … there are those who look out upon that variegated scene and see landscape as … Nature: amidst all this man is minuscule, superficial, ephemeral, subordinate Habitat: what we see before us is man continuously working at a viable relationship with nature Artifact: the earth is a platform, but all thereon is furnished with man’s effects so extensively that you cannot find a scrap of pristine nature System: such a mind sees a river not as a river, but as a link in the hydrologic circuit Problem: the evidence looms in almost any view: eroded hills, flooding rivers, shattered woods Wealth: the eyes of an appraiser, assigning a monetary value to everything in view Ideology: the whole scene as a symbol of values, the governing ideas, the underlying philosophies of a culture History: a complex cumulative record of nature and man Place: every landscape is a locality, an individual piece in the infinitely varied mosaic of the earth Aesthetic: that there is something close to the essence, of beauty and truth, in the landscape.

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