Agricultural Growth Linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa by Chrstopher L. Delgado, Jane Hopkins, Valerie A. Kelly

By Chrstopher L. Delgado, Jane Hopkins, Valerie A. Kelly

How a lot additional internet source of revenue progress might be had in rural parts of Africa via expanding the spending energy of neighborhood families? the reply relies on how rural families spend increments to source of revenue, no matter if the goods wanted might be imported to the neighborhood sector in accordance with elevated call for, and, if no longer, even if elevated call for will bring about new neighborhood creation or just to cost rises. for each buck in new farm source of revenue earned, at the very least one additional-tional buck may be learned from progress multipliers, in keeping with Agricultural progress Linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa, examine file 107, by way of Christopher L. Delgado, Jane Hopkins, and Valerie A. Kelly, with Peter Hazell, Anna A. McKenna, Peter Gruhn, Behjat Hojjati, Jayashree Sil, and Claude Courbois.

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Although the present report cannot directly address these price effects, it will show where they are likely to be important. 23 Rural Economic Growth Strategy in Africa The discussion in this chapter suggests that earlier studies, such as Hazell and Röell (1983) and Bigsten and Collier (1995), were premature in downplaying the potential for obtaining multiplied spin-off effects for regional growth, arising from the consumer spending of growing incomes of rural households under commercialization and technological change in Africa.

As in Haggblade and Hazell (1989), household consumption expenditure on farm and nonfarm nontradables is assumed to be linearly related to income, with savings proportional to income, as follows: Han = α0an + βan(Y – S), (8) Hmn = α0mn + βmn(Y – S), and (9) S = sY, (10) where Han = household consumption of farm (a) nontradables (n), Hmn = household consumption of nonfarm (m) nontradables, Y = total household income, S = total savings, = MBS of farm nontradables, βan βmn = MBS of nonfarm nontradables, s = marginal propensity to save, and α0an,α0mn = constants.

It would be a mistake, however, to classify items provided on concessional terms as “tradables,” since consumers cannot increase their access to these items at will. 32 reasonable substitutes for each other or are likely to have similar responses to income changes for some other reason. They are also grouped to maintain consistency on tradability assumptions. The parameters of interest are the ABS and MBS. ABSs measure the percentage of total household expenditures going to a group of goods. A high percentage suggests that the income response for that group is relatively important.

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