Absolute Zero Gravity: Science Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes by Betsy Devine, Joel E. Cohen

By Betsy Devine, Joel E. Cohen

Gathers jokes and anecdotes approximately academia, scientists, instructing professors, clinical reputations, educational publishing, girls scientists, and renowned science


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Your assignment: underline the number 20. " In 1990: "By cutting down beautiful forest trees, a logger makes $20. What do you think of this way of making money? S. AND JAPAN: STUDYING IMBALANCE WHERE IS THAT CALTECH STUDENT WHEN YOU NEED HIM? "I'm sorry I went over the time allotted," the speaker apologized. " The ever-helpful heckler had a comment. " An American student meets a Japanese student. The Japanese student says: "Every day, I work at my studies for eight hours. I work two hours to please my family, three hours for the honor of the Emperor, and three hours for the glory of Japan.

The professor says. "That's in case I don't get thirsty. " A student protested. " SOCRATES MEETS THE WILD (MID)WEST R. L. Moore may have been born to be a Texan, but this incident dates from his early career at Northwestern. The math department chairman heard that Moore was going around campus with a pistol. When he approached Moore about this, he found him eager to explain. The problem was that in one course there were some students Moore suspected of making fun of him when his back was turned.

There was a beautiful green and purple bird that spoke several ancient languages for five hundred dollars. And there was a nondescript brown bird priced at a thousand dollars. " exclaimed the would-be buyer. " "Just English," admitted the shopkeeper. " The shopkeeper shrugged. " PROVING THAT AT LEAST ONE OF HIS IDEAS WAS GOOD Harry Ballot Clothiers on Princeton's Nassau Street is a haven for academics, a tradition dating back at least to the days of Albert Einstein. It seems that the great man refused to let his faithful assistant, Helen Dukas, throw out his very shabby raincoat.

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