A study of history, Volume 7 - Universal Churches by Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers, Royal Institute

By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers, Royal Institute of International Affairs

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769-71 of the present volume, below, and Table I, vol. viii PP- 734-5. 3 m ENDS OR MEANS? In the first place, 3 universal states arise after, and not before, the break- downs of the civilizations to whose bodies social they bring political They are not summers but Indian Summers', masking autumn * unity. and presaging winter. In the second place, they are the products of dominant minorities: that is, of once creative minorities that have lost their creative power. 2 The negativeness which is the hall-mark of their authorship and also the essential condition of their establishment and maintenance is brought out in the following passages from the works of a nineteenth- century French philosopher and a twentieth -century 1 English 'The satirist.

I, and V. v. 303. For the role of the Samanids as wardens of the North-Eastern Marches of the Syriac World, see II. n. 142. s Yusuf was now entitled to style himself the Amir-al-Muslimm, in the Maghrib, of the Amir-al-Mu'minin at Baghdad. 1 3 -* Arnold, op. THE MIRAGE OF IMMORTALITY 15 more than two hundred years during which it had been recited there in the names of heretical pseudo-Fatimids? How could he disappoint a hero who had broken an aggressive Frankish Power that, by its lodgement in Syria, had almost severed the geographical link between the 1 and the African portion of Dar-al- Islam ?

A . . . 419 . 421 II. THE INCONCLUSIVENESS OF FEELINGS C. THE TESTIMONY OF THE HISTORIES OF THE CIVILIZATIONS I. II. 441 . . UNPRECEDENTED WESTERN EXPERIENCES . TECHNOLOGY, WAR, AND GOVERNMENT D. I. . WESTERN EXPERIENCES WITH NON-WESTERN PRECEDENTS II. THE ORIGIN AND NATURE OF THE PROBLEM . 441 . 465 . . . ....... ........ A TRANSMIGRATION OF THE MARTIAL SPIRIT The Crescendo and Diminuendo . . of Militarism Europe The Significance of Hitler's Bid for \Vorld-Dommion The Temper generated by Militarization in the Non-Western .

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