A Soldier's Pocket Book by John Hobbis Harris

By John Hobbis Harris

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Recce patrols should travel quietly, so they take the minimum about of weapons and equipment. They should have only their personal weapons and a radio. A special comment about Rece patrols. The men must be very fit and must be able to operate without resupply for a long time. So that’s Reconnaissance Patrols or Recce Patrols as we call them. Lets move on to Standing Patrols. Standing Patrols stay in one place. They don’t travel. Now, the purpose of a standing patrol is to warn of enemy movements.

Behind a bush d behind a wall e behind a vehicle 3. Answer the following questions a) What makes a uniform good at giving camouflage? Its colour and design. b) Where should you put special camouflage paint? face and on the back of the hands c) What is bad about isolated cover? The enemy will guess you are there and fire at you d) What problem might you have with your rifle? The enemy might see its shape e) What problem might you have with your own shadow? The enemy may see it even though you are taking cover Vocabulary Activities 1.

Tasks Eight and Nine provide additional language and further practise of the skill of listening. Go through the two lists and make sure the students understand the language. If the students predict the answers before they listen, (which they may well do) then ask them to listen to check their predictions. A follow up pair work to this could be to ask the students to get into pairs, a and b, a reads five things that you need to think about when Key to Task Eight. 1=e 2=h 3=c 4=i 5=g 6=b 7=f 8=g 9=a Task Nine provides a further example to encounter the language presented in Task Eight and gives further language practise.

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