A Lover's Call by Claire Thompson

By Claire Thompson

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Gender and Archaeology

Is gender decided through biology, society or event? How have notions of gender and sexuality differed in earlier societies? Addressing such questions, Gender and Archaeology is the 1st serious creation to the sphere of gender archaeology because it has advanced over the past twenty years. It examines the effect of feminist views on archaeology and exhibits the original insights that gender archaeology bargains on themes just like the sexual department of work, problems with sexuality, and the embodiment of gender id.

Queer America: A GLBT History of the 20th Century

Maybe no subject this day is politically extra divisive than homosexuality, relatively while it's coupled with the deeply rooted suggestion of civil rights. This paintings makes a speciality of 20th/21st- century U. S. heritage because it relates to GLBT heritage. significant concerns and occasions comparable to the Stonewall rebel, do not Ask, do not inform within the army, same-sex marriage, homosexual rights, homosexual satisfaction, corporations and alliances, AIDS, and felony battles and proceedings are mentioned.

Up from invisibility: lesbians, gay men, and the media in America

A part century in the past homosexual males and lesbians have been all yet invisible within the media and, in flip, pop culture. With the lesbian and homosexual liberation circulation got here a profoundly new experience of gay neighborhood and empowerment and the emergence of homosexual humans onto the media's level. And but while the mass media were moving the phrases of our public dialog towards a better acknowledgment of range, does the rising "visibility" of homosexual women and men do justice to the complexity and diversity in their adventure?

Gender Epistemologies in Africa: The Gendering of African Traditions, Spaces, Social Identities, and Institutions

This publication brings jointly a number of stories which are engaged with notions of gender in numerous African localities, associations and old time classes. the target is to extend empirical and theoretical reviews that take heavily the concept that so one can comprehend gender and gender kin in Africa, we needs to begin with Africa.

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No. Not her Richard. Her Richard. Silly girl! She’d only spent a few hours on the phone with the man and here she was thinking of him as “her Richard”. She laughed and then realized she’d laughed aloud. A man standing down the row looked up at her and she blushed, turning away. * * * * * Friday, ten o’clock came at last. Rachel was ready, her chestnut hair shiny, falling in freshly washed waves around her face. She was in a pretty new nightie she had bought earlier that week, not admitting to herself it was for Richard.

When they hung up it was actually a few minutes after midnight! Rachel found she didn’t mind having gone over the allotted time. It had been fun! Instead of the usual drudge of listening to men grunt and breathe while she talked them to orgasm, she had just spent a very pleasant two hours telling someone who really seemed to care all about herself! Rachel lay in bed that night, her hand in her panties, thinking about the man who called himself Richard. She had no idea what he looked like or how old he was, but because of the careful and friendly attention he’d paid to her all night, she felt a strange connection to him.

Rachel wasn’t an ugly woman—in fact she had a sweet face and a nice figure. Yet somehow life seemed to have passed her by. The library science degree she obtained from a small college enabled her to get a decent job at a large university. She liked her job. It was peaceful and undemanding. She loved handling the books, especially the rare old tomes with their fine, thin paper, sometimes gilded with gold edges. Work only went so far in satisfying a young, lonely woman of twenty-six. One quiet night while perusing a catalog of historical romance novels, trying to decide between Yvette in Love or The Secret Diaries of a French Courtesan, she came across an ad looking for women with “sexy voices”.

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