A Conspiracy of Friends (Corduroy Mansions, Book 3) by Alexander McCall Smith, Iain McIntosh

By Alexander McCall Smith, Iain McIntosh

Alexander McCall Smith returns to Corduroy Mansions, the marginally dilapidated yet liked mansion block in London's hip Pimlico neighbourhood, for this third instalment in his renowned series.

It turns out the universe is conspiring opposed to the citizens of Corduroy Mansions, as all people reveals themselves being affected by their nearest and dearest. Oedipus Snark is a Member of Parliament so loathsome even his mom can't abide him. in reality, Berthea Snark continues to be engaged on her scathing biography of her son--already 210 pages lengthy, and that simply covers his lamentable formative years. in the meantime, the company competition is heating up among literary brokers Rupert Porter and Barbara Ragg, nonetheless hoping to get the manuscript for Autobiography of a Yeti; wonderful arts graduate Caroline Jarvis is blurring the positive line among friendship and romance; Eddie French has discovered a brand new, filthy rich female friend; and his father, aspiring wine service provider William French, fears that he'll by no means get his grasp of Wine certificates. most significantly, William's devoted terrier, Freddie de l. a. Hay--perhaps the one puppy shrewdpermanent sufficient to were recruited via MI6--disappears whereas on a secret journey round the Suffolk geographical region. Will Freddie locate his as far back as Pimlico? is that this the tip of Corduroy Mansions? Readers might be captivated once more as McCall Smith's genius for storytelling and eye for the quirky information of contemporary existence conspire to supply web page after web page of witty and interesting episodes, and fantastically saw characters.

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