100 Ways to Fight the Flab: and still have wine and by Jane Wenham-Jones

By Jane Wenham-Jones

"As readable as a singular. yet extra importantly, sane and good - and extremely funny."

Marina O'Loughlin

Restaurant Critic

'My BMI is 22, my hip-to-waist ratio passes muster with the clinical occupation, and given the suitable mild, whilst donning definitely the right undies, i've got even been known as "slim". A small miracle given my alcohol consumption, habit to crisps, and erratic method of workout ...'

Ever all started a brand new vitamin and located your self attaining for the wine and chocolate inside every week? good you can now! Jane Wenham-Jones, best-selling writer and columnist, deals a hundred pointers on slimming down with no sacrifice.

Quirky yet valuable, enjoyable yet authentic, Jane's technique is a different mix of daily technological know-how, the perfect psychological perspective, and common sense ideas, designed to slot in along with your busy existence. With recommendation on "party weeks", dressing to conceal the kilos, and the way to shed extra pounds quickly while a tremendous date looms, Jane bargains strategies that paintings the place so much diets fail. From consuming a chilli an afternoon to hurry up your metabolism, to doing fast bursts of workout with swift effects, to easily pondering your self skinnier, those tried-and-tested equipment will see you leaner and more healthy – whereas making an allowance for an everyday repair of the meals you're keen on.

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