1,000 Inventions and Discoveries by DK


From making fireplace to development the contraptions of the twenty first century, discover the tales at the back of the awesome rules and units that experience formed our international in 1,000 innovations and Discoveries.

This revised and up-to-date variation brings this finished overview of humanity's maximum principles brand new. suggestions in technological know-how, area, know-how, transportation, drugs, arithmetic, and language are lined, in addition to a timeline of historical past highlighting all innovations and discoveries from the airbag to DNA, lie detectors to hormones, and cash to the symptoms of the zodiac. function containers delve into the main points of the lives of Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and extra, whereas awesome pictures and archive fabrics deliver their achievements to life.

Covering over three million years of rules, 1,000 innovations and Discoveries will amaze and encourage a love of historical past in kids.

Supports the typical middle country Standards.

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Influenced by Pythagoras, much of Archytas’ work involved music. But he was also interested in the celestial sPheres In this 16th-century view of the universe, Atlas holds up Earth surrounded by the planets on their spheres. c 350 bc Greek philosopher Aristotle puts forward six arguments for a spherical Earth. 44 His reasoning is generally accepted, putting an end to centuries of speculation about the shape of the world. 330 bc As the final act of his conquest of the Persian empire, the Macedonian king Alexander the Eudoxus of Cnidus P lanets and other celestial bodies seem to move irregularly against a smoothly revolving background of stars.

He found that on Midsummer’s day, at noon, the Sun shone straight down a well at Aswan, in Egypt, so the Sun there was directly overhead. But at exactly the same time, the c 287bc The ordinary people of Rome, the plebeians, gain a great victory in their campaign for shadow of a vertical stick about 500 miles (800 km) north at Alexandria showed that the Sun was not overhead, but angled at about seven degrees from the vertical. Eratosthenes realized that the difference was caused by the curvature of Earth.

On dissection 282 bc After 12 years’ work, Greek sculptor Chares of Lyndus completes a 105 ft (32 m)-high bronze statue of the Sun god Helios, on the island of Rhodes. An earthquake destroys it within 60 years and it is sold for scrap. 47 The age of auThoriTy Doing science in the bath Archimedes solves a weighty problem and discovers how things float W Golden leaves used to adorn a religious statue Gold for Gods and kinGs Ancient craft workers fashioned gold into decorations that were not only beautiful but also indicated the importance of the wearer.

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